GALAXIE 4 - Accessories for pets (and their humans)

COQUETTE - Pet tent (for cats and small dogs)
COQUETTE - Pet tent (for cats and small dogs)
  • COQUETTE - Pet tent (for cats and small dogs)
  • MILO - Lined treat bags
  • GALAXIE 4 - Great makes for dog lovers
  • LINUS - Denim hip bag
  • MILO - Lined pouches
  • JOHNNY - Fabric coin / travel tray
  • JOHNNY - Rolls up so you can carry it in your pocket or bag
  • LINUS - Color-blocked nylon hip bag
  • REX - Waste bag holder
  • JOHNNY - Bowls for snack and water
  • JOHNNY - Bowls in 5 sizes
  • JOHNNY - Bowl for snack
  • GALAXIE 4 - Matching accessories made with GATKAMOMILL Ikea canvas
  • JOHNNY - Bowls in 5 sizes
  • LINUS - Hip bag made with GATKAMOMILL Ikea canvas
  • JOHNNY - Bowls for food and water - Great for walks / hikes / travel

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Make gifts for your pet, pet-loving friend or treat yourself with fun and easy-to-sew projects. Galaxie 4 includes 5 patterns:


  • Cozy little hideout for your pet.
  • 8'' to 16'' diameter, for cats, small dogs and baby animals (great gift for wildlife refuges!).
  • Made with your favorite woven on the outside, something warm and cozy on the inside and 1'' batting for the structure.
  • Removable cushion


  • Bowls-to-go!
  • Travel bowl (four sizes) that you can bring with you when hiking/travelling with your dog.
  • The elastic keeps it folded so it takes very little room.
  • For humans too! Use the large size for a collapsible camping bowl or the small one for a travel tray to keep all your belongings together on the hotel nightstand.


  • Keep waste bags handy!
  • This dispenser fits one roll and you can hook to your hip bag. The perfect gift for dog owners.
  • A great stash-busting project.


  • Lined zippered bags for a greener alternative to disposable sandwich bags.
  • Pet owners: Use it for treats, to store small accessories and toys.
  • Humans: Use it for snacks or to store cosmetics, toys or electronics (cables, chargers).


  • The only hip bag you’ll ever need, with or without Fido.
  • The main compartment has cell phone pocket, a smaller pocket in the front is big enough for a roll of poop bags or for keys.
  • You can wear it at your waist/hips or cross-body style.

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Layered PDF (print one size at a time), Print at home (A4 + Letter-size paper), PDF Only, Copy Shop (wide format A0 + 36''), Projector file


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